A great USB DAC, and so much more!

     ADL is a division of Furutech,the Japanese companyknown for high-grade connectors, cables and countless other accessories. The GT40 Alpha is four units in one. It's a terrific phono preamp, easily switchable between MM and MC sensitivity.
It's a USB DAC, ready to connect to your computer and give you resolution up to 24 bits and 192 kHz. And you know what? Unlike most other USB DACs, it's really good. But that's not all.
Notice the phone jack on the front? Yes, it's a headphone amplifier, and an unusually capable one. But that's still not all. The GT40 also contains an analog-to-digital converter, which means it can be used to digitize LPs, cassettes, or indeed any analog material. And it does that well too. Amazing!
And it's a preamplifier, if you need one, with two inputs, for a turntable and a digital source.
     Click here to read our review of the original GT40 in PDF form. Our review of the Alpha version is coming soon (it's even better).
Get your own GT40 Alpha for just $749 But check out the accessory cables you'll want, at a special price if you order them at the same time as a GT40.
ORDER ADL GT40, $749 Click to buy
BIS-USB3 BIS Audio's superb USB cable, normally $125, for just $85 Click to buy
AELI-1, Atlas Element interconnects, 1 m, normally $99, for just $79 Click to buy

Moon's new version 2 DAC, and a great price on the original!

Issue No. 89 includes our review of the original Moon 300D digital-to-analog converter. We loved it, as you can see from our reprint, which you can read here in PDF form. After the review session we decided to purchase it. The original 300D offers up to 24 bit 192 kHz on optical or coaxial sources, plus 24/48 on USB.
The new version 2 offers full resolution via asynchronous USB as well. At the moment we still have some stock of the older one, available at a clearance price. At any time the original 300D can be upgraded to version 2 for $800. The upgrade is available through us.
Note that, with either the new or the original 300D, you can bargain prices on needed cables. You can get one digital cable and/or one power cable for each 300D purchased.
ORDER original 300D, formerly $1799, now$1299 Click to buy
ORDER 300D v.2, $2200 Click to buy

With either one. get a special price on our best coaxial digital cable, the Atlas Mavros, usually $565, for $150 off, or with our Atlas Opus cable, usually $239, for $60 off
ORDER with a 300D, Mavros digital cable, $415 Click to buy
ORDER with a 300D, Opus digital cable, $170 Click to buy
ORDER UHF14F-1.5 UHF14/Furutech 14-gauge power cable, assembled, with 300D only (one per order) $124.95 Click to buy

Moon's new, more affordable 100D DAC

We loved the 300D converter, and we actually bought one for our reference systems. We wondered how good the less expensive 100D could be. As you know, we won't list anything we wouldn't recommend to our best friends.
We have now done the full-blown review of the 100D, and we were wowed. To read the full review, here it is in PDF format. This converter can earn its place in a high end music system. To sweeten the deal, you can trade your mint 100D for a 300D and get 100% of your money back in the first year, 75% in the second year.
But hold on, you'll need good interconnects, right? Get the 100D with a pair of Atlas Element Integra interconnects (a $99 value) for just $699. Or go all the way to the Hyper Symmetrical, with single-crystal copper (usually $449) for $999 total.
ORDER 100D, $649 Click to buy
ORDER 100D plus Element Integra 1m cables, $699 Click to buy
ORDER 100D plus Hyper OCC symmetrical 1m cables, $999.00 Click to buy

USB interfaces

The DACs we have listened to so far have USB interfaces that are mediocre or worse, supplied as afterthoughts. Which is why we've been recommending the use of a TOSLINK optical cable if you have an alternative. It is possible to build a better USB interface, though. These two devices offer a quantum leap in performance. Plug one into the USB jack of your computer, and then use a quality digital cable to go to your DAC. The result? For the first time we have heard our Linn Unidisk player outperformed. By a lot!

The Stello U3
This beautiful little box is powered by your computer, or by a powered USB extender. It takes a USB cable, and outputs flawless digital through either a coaxial or an AES/EBU balanced cable. A driver for Windows is supplied, no driver is needed for Mac. You get full access to a range of resolutions, up to and including 24/192. Not compatible with Channel D's Pure Music or Sonic Studio's Amarra, but it sounds glorious with iTunes. Finally, computer audio is the state of the art!
See our review of both the Stello U3 and the HiFace in PDF format, from UHF No. 92, and see why we're using the product ourselves.
Add an Opus or Mavros digital cable (highly recommended), for an extra discount.
ORDER: U3, Stello USB interface, $495 DISCONTINUED: soon to be replaced

BIS Bullet: a high-performance digital cable
    We've listened long and hard to a lot of dross, digital cables that mess up rhythm, make chaos out of well-structured music, and generally waste the money you've spent on your gear. BIS has come up with an affordable one that gets pretty much everything right.
ORDER BIS-BD-1.5 (1.5 meter) $190
Click to buy

Atlas Mavros: reference-quality digital
As we have improved our computer-based digital system to the best yet, we also adopted this new digital cable as a reference. It's a perfect link from the digital output of any CD or DVD player to a standalone digital-to-analog converter. It can also link a computer to a DAC, with the help of a USB interface...you'll see them over in our digital section.
Oh, and you can get a special price on either the Opus or the Mavros if you buy either a Moon DAC or one of our two USB interface boxes. Audio from digital doesn't get any better than this!
ORDER AMD-1.5 (1.5 meter) $565 Click to buy

By the way, the same cables works for video too.

UHF's own optical TOSLINK cable
    Our recent comparison tests turned up this nicely-made TOSLINK optical cable, which delivered better quality to our converter than the other ones we could get our hands on. Now we've added them to our store. The connectors fit pretty much all standard transports and converters. If you want to connect to a component with a mini-TOSLINK, such as an Airport Express, or a current Mac, just add the TMT adapter.
ORDER TD-1.8 TOSLINK cable, 1.8 m $22.95
Click to buy
ORDER TD-3 TOSLINK cable, 3 m $29.95 Click to buy
ORDER TMT mini-TOSLINK adapter, $3.95
Click to buy

The ultimate TOSLINK cable: it's made of glass!

A TOSLINK cable is a light pipe. Nearly all are made of plastic. At one time, though, you could buy an optical cable made of glass. And we have one!
The Atlas Mavros glass optical cable is the best we've heard by far. It's a great link between your CD player, computer, Airport Express or Apple TV, and an older DAC. Digital-to-analog converters pretty much all have high-grade optical inputs, but not all have great USB circuits. You can read our evaluation of the cable right here. . The Mavros glass TOSLINK cable sounds surprisingly close toUSB, and that makes it cost-effective.
ORDER MGO-1.5, a 1.5m glass optical cable, $319,95 Click to order
ORDER MGO-3.0, a 3m glass optical cable, $369,95 Click to order

BIS Audio USB cable
     In UHF No. 88, we compared a standard off-the-shelf USB cable with an ostansibly better one from BIS Audio. Conclusion: in a high end context it was worth its cost (you can read the review in PDF here). Now that we ourselves are using a Stello U3 interface between our computer and our Moon U3 DAC, we've adopted the BIS, and we asked BIS Audio to let us add it to our store.
We're offering it in two lengths, 0.92m (3 feet) and 3m (10 ft). You can also add it to a bundle with the Stello U3 like ours.
ORDER: BIS-USB3, 0.92m USB cable, $120
Click to buy
ORDER: BIS-USB10 3m USB cable, $180 Click to buy